PUSSYFOOT – March 2011: Tiki authority Sven Kirsten and ‘Asphalt Gods’ creator Gabriel Griffin

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Apr 7th, 2011

March Mammothrepts,

On this, opening day of the Major League Baseball season, the juiced-up internet-radio slugger that is PUSSYFOOT goes yard…and then some. For our MARCH 2011 episode, we hack-away at two distinctly-SoCal subcultures.

First up, our movie-review-maverick BLAKE EVERETT hops atop a rickety ol’ Schwinn and pedals his way through ‘Bill Cunningham: New York’, a documentary portrait of the iconic street shutterbug. Next, MISS SHELLEY chimes-in with a stirring eulogy of an Indian man whose love for and knowledge of tigers helped him create a palatial big cat safe haven. And rounding things out, none other than EDDIE ROUSE–Pussyfoot’s anti-social advice-giver–upping the ante with a twenty-shot of warped wisdom in a special ‘March Madness’ edition of ‘Eddie’s Sagelike Advice’.

Our keynote guests this month share a need to chronicle out-of-the-way enclaves of Californians. GABRIEL GRIFFIN is the man behind the bitchin’ new photobook ‘Asphalt Golds vol. 2’. Equal parts photographic history and personal scrapbook, his debut tome documents the unflinchingly cool style and vaunted rap sheet of The Heathens—a Motorcycle Family that ran Venice and the Southbay during a time when bikers were, as Griffin puts it “viewed as a threat to the very fabric of our United States”.

Matt and Matt then knock back a Mai Tai (or two) with the world’s foremost authority on Tiki culture, MR. SVEN A. KIRSTEN. His seminal Taschen book, aptly titled ‘The Book of Tiki’, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Acknowledged in popular and academic circles alike as the go-to guy when it comes to Polynesian Pop, Kirsten graciously invites Pussyfoot into his own home (dubbed ‘Tiki Island’) for a lively discussion that touches on the legacy of men like Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic, to the proliferation of Witco furniture, and Cali-centric Tiki innovators like Whittier’s own Oceanic Arts.

And don’t sleep on the little videos we create and house on our ‘Guests’ page. Bizarre cameos abound this month…

All that, plus a musical playlist bolstered by keynote guest-curated favorites…

So join us, won’t you? Only online at http://www.thehomeofpussyfoot.com



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