PUSSYFOOT – November 2012: Low-Key Mixtape

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Dec 1st, 2012

November Neuropaths,

Subtlety is in small supply lo these fateful autumnal days…luckily Matt ‘n Matt are here to not only cue up the correspondent cut-ups but also ready lotsa maize-worthy muzak… The NOVEMBER 2012 show finds the ‘Foot in downbeat beat-off mode with a mixtape full of bail-of-hay bangerz…curl up…lock…and load…

Kicking it all off, it’s MYSTI MAYH3M straight killin’ it with an obit that harkens to Hollywood and cuddles up to comic craftsmanship…a ‘Mysti’s Obits’ that deliriously descends dimensions, tongue firmly planted in cheek…Next, the hell-raising hibernator EDDIE ROUSE conjures negatory nuzzles and playful rebuttals in a fall fresh ‘Eddie’s Sagelike Advice…two q’s this month, with a common thread that has the sage somewhat scratchin’ his salad…And finally, just one short month away from his inevitably a-tonal holiday anthem, BLAKE EVERETT–known in film circles as ‘Blake Clark’–gets rosy-cheeked for ‘Red Dawn…an ’80s re-boot, our gourd-like film guide blows the whistle on this throbbing cinematic slab of teen gristle in a bran noo ‘Blake at the Movies…’

Yet it’s the obscure music that truly rakes it in this month…somber swan songs from the likes of Volume 10, Lewis, Big Charlie Butler, Hickory Wind and more…dare we say it’s a playlist well worth falling into…

So join us, already. Only online at http://www.thehomeofpussyfoot.com

-PF x


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