Sex Toys Based on Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’

By kramreed
In Adult (18+)
Aug 27th, 2013

Tumblr user Sarmai has created concept sex toys based on characters from Marvel’s The Avengers. Captain America has been reimagined as a red, white, and blue silicon vibrator with a star decal, the Iron Man twin motor vibrator is red and gold with glowing buttons to match Tony Stark’s arc reactor, and Black Widow’s logo adorns a discreet, black clitoral stimulator. To see the full set of concepts — including a rather graphic twelve-inch Hulk-themed dildo — head over to Sarmai’s Tumblr.

AvengersSexToys1 AvengersSexToys2 AvengersSexToys3 AvengersSexToys4tumblr_mr944u2sVG1r0ldy1o6_500


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