Trojan Handing Out Vibes to Geeks!

By kramreed
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Dec 27th, 2012

Though the line between the Consumer Electronics Show and the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo blurred many moons ago, but Trojan Vibrations will practically obliterate that line when they hand out free vibrators at CES this year.

According to, the manufacturer said it will give away “thousands” of Pulse and Tri-Phoria vibrators Jan. 8-9 at its CES booth, number 26437 in South Hall 2.

This isn’t the first time Trojan Vibrations has exhibited at CES, nor is it the company’s first vibrator giveaway. The Pulse vibrator, Twister vibrator and BareSkin condom were showcased at last year’s tech event.

Additionally, the sister company to the one that produces condoms by the bushel gave tried to give away 10,000 free vibrators from “Pleasure Carts” in Manhattan last spring and in Washington, D.C., this past fall.

The mainstreaming of all things adult has been a hot topic for years, so it’s no surprise that Trojan has brought the discussion to the forefront again by giving out vibes to men, women and couples of all ages. our only question is, with all these free giveaways, who is actually left to buy these things?


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