Batman vs. Joker Heels with Swarovski Crystals and Glitter

By kramreed
In Fashion
Jan 10th, 2014


Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? You can in these shoes…

The battle of good versus evil. Batman rivals Joker in the vital archenemies fight to be the king of bling on your flashy footwear…who do you look better in? The sleek playfulness of the joker shines through in these fancy kicks and the ; you will be the envy of all comic connoisseurs.

Adorned in crystals these shoes are hand-painted and covered in crystals, they have a the Batman logo on the outside of each shoe with the word BATMAN up the side.

On the inside is the GOTHAM CITY SKYLINE and the words BIFF and KAPOW that is given one of a kind blingification.

The Joker shoe displays the famous malicious grin on the notorious Joker face, name and a Joker playing card along with the evil laughter depicted in the HA HA HA exclamations in purple and green crystals.

The Heels are covered in black, gold and clear crystals with BAM! hand painted and glittered on the sole on the Batman’s side. On the Jokers side we have a gun with a BANG! flag and both shoes are painted in shocking blue!

Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face! Gotham city meets your wardrobe.

These shoes are available from Wicked Addiction:


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