Pizza Hut debuts pizza-scented perfume

By kramreed
In Fashion
Jan 28th, 2013

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Pizza Hut seems to have taken that adage to heart.

The fast-food chain has created pizza-scented perfume so customers can exude the alluring scent of greasy cheese-covered dough even if they aren’t lucky enough to work in Pizza Hut’s kitchens.

Originally, this started out as a gag. However, it wasn’t Pizza Hut Canada that came up with the gag. It was an advertisement firm named Grip Limited, that works with the Canadian branch, that came up with the idea and floated it on the Facebook page.  Due to the buzz generated, they went ahead and created bottles of the Pizza Hut perfume which smells like pizza. However, you can’t simply buy the perfume. You win a bottle of perfume as a prize. To win, you simply share your “desire” for the perfume. However, there are only 110 bottles available. It’s unknown if or when Pizza Hut Canada will create more bottles of this pizza scented perfume in the future. For the time being, only 110 “lucky winners” will receive a bottle.



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