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Mar 17th, 2008


Wondering if the sole title responsible for keeping the PS2’s heart beating can cut the mustard on the PSP. You’ll wonder how they got all that bloody goodness in there! All in all, Kratos is still mighty grumpy and we couldn’t be any happier.


Chains of Olympus looks gorgeous and plays like a dream. I was amazed that the PSP’s version captured all the combat, level design, gore, and mythology that made GOW the hit franchise it’s become – oh, and the mini-sex game is in there too.
Kudos to Developers Ready at Dawn’s gargantuan feat of maintaining a solid frame rate during the fight sequences, the great lighting, particle effects, all the blood, and moving backgrounds!
Another huge plus for the PSP version is the very limited load times.

Once you finish the game, there are several extras like a bonus costume, concept art, and video sequence. You can also go back and play through on the ultra-hard god mode or try to complete the five deadly tasks in the challenge of Hades.


The game is like an episode of Entourage- it’s so good, just too short. You’re looking at a 6-8 hour bloodbath here.
Your weapons are also somewhat limited. Along with your blades of Kratos, you’ll get your bloody little paws on the Gauntlet of Zeus which you’ll come to love for its pummelling feature. You’ll also notice that on the PSP, the overall package of features comes somewhat stripped-down, but that’s no biggie.


Chains of Olympus was one of the PSP’s most anticipated titles and it’s delivered with flying colours. Although this GOW instalment doesn’t really come with any new types of gameplay I can easily chalk it up to the old ‘if it ain’t broke…’ philosophy. Don’t forget to headphone-up with this sucker; the soundtrack kicks butt and matches the games intensity. 8.9/10

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