Toshiba’s industry-leading laptops are student focused

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Jul 23rd, 2008

On July/08/2008, Toshiba had invited us to get our hands on their student geared line up of TV’s and laptops.  Taken into consideration is the Video Game lifestyle of today’s student aged culture.     More primary on showcase was the Toshiba Qosmio X300 gaming lap top and  the new Toshiba Regza LCD TV’s with specific “Video Game” modes.


Toshiba Qosmio X300 – Flirting at a suggested retail price of $1 999, this behemoth of a laptop delivers on the promises of a “Video Gaming”- centric laptop computer.  Even though portable, the laptop is slightly more bulky than other offerings out there, but definitely makes up for it in gaming power.

The games running that were on display were Call of Juarez and Rainbow Six Vegas for Windows PC.  Both games ran smoothly on the machine with ease at close to 1080p resolution on screen with a built in NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GTS graphics card.  The X300 has also provided simple integrated output options for easy connectivity to your LCD TV so that your computer can double as a console (that easily competes with current Next-Gen systems albeit at a much higher price) to be enjoyed on a bigger screen.

If you wish to play directly from the laptop screen, Toshiba has ensured that you won’t be losing anything when it comes to sound.  The X300 comes equipped with renowned Harmon Kardon speakers.    Built in are 4 speakers and a subwoofer strategically placed to provide surround sound whenever playing on the go.

Significantly absent is a Blu-Ray drive to take advantage of the hardware to watch Hi-Def movies either on the computer itself or when attached to a High Definition television.  It is understandable as explained to me, that Tohsiba, which was the major backer of HD DVD format, lost the format war to Blu-Ray only recently while this product was in the pipeline.  Future consideration will be made in potential iterations of the model.

The unique exterior design of the computer (red flames etched on the computer itself) is something left to be desired but it’s all subjective.  Unfortunately this model specifically does not have any alternative designs available.  As with all new Qosmio computers on display that day, included is face recognition software that is used as a sign on when using the Vista OS.


Regza XF Series – To further compliment the X300 as well as the Video Gaming culture, Toshiba has shown off the their Regza XF series of LCD televisions.  Included is “Video Game” mode where the feature eliminates any lag time between commands made on the control pad on whatever system to translate onto screen quicker without any significant changes to the display.

These new televisions have also included HDMI CEC.  As mentioned, most new Toshiba lap tops on display have incorporated HDMI output to your television.  When connected to your Regza televisons and with Vista Media center loaded on your laptop, the user will now be able to control your television interface directly from your computer.

Further improvements to their line of televisions include an increased attention to environmental responsibility with the usage of fewer parts in production which translates into decreased weight and disassembly time, as well overall lower power consumption.  The new line also sports a slimmer border around the screen that provides the consumer with the same screen size at a lesser space consumption for the living room.

Regza televisions come in 32-inch, 37-inch, 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch models.



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