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Mar 8th, 2009

Our list of Staff-Approved Sites

Air Jordan Shoes –
Description: View the largest selection on all Air Jordan Shoes and Air Force One Sneakers at DGK Sneakers.

Jordan Shoes –
Jordan Shoes has been in style for over 20 years now, giving all sneaker heads a unquie style.
Sneakers & Trends for Women
Designer Gucci Sneakers – Online store for mens and womens Gucci sneakers at a discount price
Hat Type
Love™ Apparel – Hip Hop Clothing & Urban Apparel.
pre-eminent online destination for sneakerheads.
Vancouver’s Livestock shop online.
Canada’s national sneaker boutique.
Vancouver’s urban hook-ups central for kicks & apparel.
NYC’s premier link for consignment and vintage kicks.
NYC graf legend Stash’s famous sneaker boutique.
NYC’s sneaker shop for ladies.
Cali’s top rated sneaker shops.
Peter Fahey’s global sneaker tour in North America.
Find out What’s Really Good in kicks, gadgets & gear.
Japanese pioneer in online consignment sneaker sales.
U.S. consigners with Flight Club sneaker inventory.
Resource for Air Jordans, Nikes and more.
Breaking news, interviews and behind-the-scenes in the sneaker world.
Customize Classic Leather Lows and ship ‘em out for around $110 U.S.
Pics and posts on the sneaker freak of the week.
Buy Adidas and some Puma deadstock, originals, unique colorways, and Y3.
Fiend pics, talk and sneaker news.
Glossaries, info, facts, history, myths, oddities, nonsense and pics of kicks.
Sales, collectors’ showcases, sneaker chat.
Price checks, bootleg alerts, art and forums for the Nike & Jordan- obsessed.
Nike’s Thai portal has cool rendering video of travelling through the Air.
Trampling sites and free pics of scantily-clad Eve in socks and sneaks.
Rare Nikes and Jordans with pics, purchasing and polls.
Footwear community.

Air Jordans
New Music Label
Toronto street boutique with Spruce, Noah, Stussy, Gravis, PRPS & more.
Posh Toronto boutique with Nice Collective, Goldsign, Nudie Jeans & more.
Canada’s swankest shopping online.
Gateway to everything internet-ally cool.
Discount designer shopping spree outlet from Italy.
Urban mag and label site from Toronto.
Vacouver’s go-to club & concert promoters.
Toronto club & concert promoter.
Crucial reggae dancehall site.
Peace writer Tom Quinlan’s label site.
Music content never looked so tapered.
L.A.’s DJ AM info.
Record label and online store for Maritimes hip hop.
Toronto promoters of the Honey Jam showcase.
Online store for Low Pressure Records and Vancouver hip hop.
L.A. artist Mister Cartoon’s site.
Dave White’s site for his sneaker art and more.
Japanese artist Aya Kato’s site.
Toronto graf artist Skam’s site.
Hot spot for new street art.
Harlem-based master painter revises some classics.
Brooklyn-based Brit artist reworks public space.
Motion design mecca.
New York pop art hub.
Cornucopia of graphic and architectural goodness.
Mexican typography magazine.
Mexican-born, Toronto-based typographer & designer’s site.
Rafi Ghanaghounian’s online art portal.
Designers, photographers and illustrators.
Web design company from Belgium.
Design criticism.
Peace photographer Craig Boyko’s site.
L.A. photographer Estevan Oriol’s site.
Peace photographer Anna Keenan’s site.
Peace photographer Alexis Finch’s site.
Peace photographer Chris Frampton’s site.
Peace photographer Rebecaa Blissett’s site.
Peace photographer Patrick Nichols’ site.
Gonzo travel trips for those who dare.
Beaches and boxing on Thailand’s biggest resort island.
Weekend courses to help you survive hostage takings.
Drunk Aussies dress like Vikings and race boats on land in September.
Various global rhythm festivals not to be missed.
Japan’s epic tug-of-war contest in October.
Dai Ginza Matsuri district’s bargains galore in October.
Lady Boys vs. macho buffalo riders in Chon Buri.
Scottish Highlands drinking in South Africa every October.
Celebrate the Hindu Festival of Lights in Indian style.
Hot November surfing festival in the Philipines.
The largest lifestyle show for naughty Brit swingers.
Sneaker don Bobbito Garcia’s site.
Digital culture gone berserk.
Off-centre culture mag’s online version.
O.G. New York stand up!
Music, comedy, celeb fun, cartoons and games. Who needs TV?
Toronto Parkour site.
Funny observations on the American right-wing.
Ball heads unite under nerdiness.
What’s up with the MVP’s good works.
T-dot’s big cat updates his busy schedule.


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