A Cool Young Lu – Lupe Fiasco is Johnny Cash!

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In Fashion
Jan 15th, 2008

Respected Streetwear leading light and hip-hop recording artist Lupe Fiasco recently hit Toronto on promo for his second full-length disc, The Cool. Following an extended wait for the man allowing him to hit GDFT and eat Halal, we sat him down with J.R. Ewing for round two on the state of Streetwear. Gone is the multicolored hues of years past. 2008 is all about the darkness…

“Johnny Cash. Man in Black. Why do you wear black Johnny Cash? ‘Cause the world is suffering. I want to represent the suffering of the world in what I wear. So every time you ask me why do you wear black? I can re-remind you that, my answer is going to be because of the world is this. Because of this guy I wear it. The stuff that we can control, that what we do to ourselves and do to other people. That’s why. I wear a testament to that, and that’s such a powerful statement. Hell yeah, I started wearing black at my shows. Then it just went to black all the time.”


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