Canada’s true native sons, Team RezOfficial

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Aug 7th, 2008


Who is Team Rezofficial? Where are you based?
Team Rezofficial is a 5 man collective consisting of 3 MCs and 2 producers. Hellnback, Drezus and Tomislav handle the MC duties while Jay Mak and Stomp handle most of the production duties.  The group members are currently all over the western provinces – Hellnback is originally from Hobbema, Alberta but is presently based out of Vancouver, BC, Drezus is originally from Ft. Quapelle, SK, but is currently residing in Winnipeg, MB, Tomislav is based in Winnipeg, MB, and Jay Mak and Stomp reside on the reserves surrounding Hobbema, Alberta.

How did you fund the new album project?
Recording for the new album – “The World (And Everything In It)” was handled primarily through Rezofficial Music, a grant from Factor, and Arbor Records.

What is the significance of your message?
The ‘message’ that we try to get across with our music is that if you want to be successful in life, it’s there for the taking.  Whatever you dream of, whatever you want, is at your fingertips as long as you have the ‘get up and go’ to get it.  It’s significant in that we’re a minority in this industry – but have achieved a lot of the goals we set for ourselves (so far).  We personify the idea of going out and making something great happen.  We’re all fans of true hip hop music so to be able to create what we see as great music, and have the channels to get it out internationally – is our dream.  We prove that in this industry, it doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you have quality, a great team, and some business sense, the sky’s the limit.

Describe a typical day on the reservation?
A typical day on the reservation is exactly like how another day would be just about anywhere else in Canada.  People get up, go out and make ends meet.  And just like anywhere else, with the good comes the bad.

What does it mean to be Canadian?
Being ‘Canadian’ means being the strongest you that you can be without being impolite haha No, being a ‘Canadian’ group means showing the world that just about anyone has the opportunity to make big things happen up here.  If you’re a struggling artist, there are so many programs and grants that you can apply for to help your career get a jump-start in Canada that we’re SURE people would kill for anywhere else in the world.

Is there a tour in the works?
There is a tour through Western Canada to Ontario for late-September early October.  We’ll be posting the dates up on our website and the Team Rezofficial Myspace ( and Facebook group ( as well.

Where is the music available to sample, purchase?
The music is available to sample on our Team Rezofficial Myspace –, the Rezofficial Music website –, the Arbor Records website, and our album is in stores nationwide.

How can people contact you?

Everyone is welcome to add us as their friend on Myspace –  We check out people’s music on there regularly and welcome anyone to hit us up with messages on there – we normally respond within a few days.  Also, we have a Facebook group at  For bookings hit up the phone number on our website.


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