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Jun 14th, 2010

image162121With the courage and initiative to venture off the beaten path, DeShean McClinton is quickly establishing himself as a media mogul and music innovator. Also known as Da Enigma, McClinton created the genre of Arabic Soul, or Middle Eastern Americana; a unique brand of music which bursts with emotion and flowing rhythms. With writing, producing, and acting gigs all under his belt, it seems there isn’t anything he can’t pull off with charisma and style.

Using his unique creative vision, Da Enigma guides fellow artists in the craft of Arabic Soul. Razz Don and Abi-Star are his first two musicians utilizing the incredible formula and generating buzz throughout the hip hop community. A delicious mix of R&B, pop, and rap, the forerunners of Arabic Soul are proving their talent on multiple media outlets including radio, magazines, and live performances.

McClinton and Razz Don quickly started making an impact on the airwaves, appearing on Detroit’s 88.1 WHPR to promote their groundbreaking music. Some of Razz’s songs such as “Blind Date,” “Habibi Remix,” and “Love Ya” received play on radio stations around North America including Detroit, Atlanta, North Carolina, Montreal, Quebec, and New Mexcio.

Proving himself as a performance chameleon, McClinton has appeared in a number of television programs on networks such as HBO and more. During the first season finale of Hung, he appeared as a featured extra during the Coney Island scene. Da Enigma also appears in the latest Hillary Swank film, Betty Ann Waters as an extra in a prison scene.

Determined to bring Arabic Soul Middle Eastern Americana to the mainstream, McClinton tirelessly works with the artists and recruits upper echelon producers to craft the best sounds possible. David Lee Spradley and Timothy the Trouble Maker Day have already generously provided a helping hand, aiding to push Razz’s music to the next level. While currently seeking a major recording budget to churn out more hit records, Da Enigma is creating a stir amongst hip hop and R&B enthusiasts with his unique invention.

Be sure to check out Razz’s various social networking and radio sites to preview his music, and experience the latest breaking sensation in hip hop and R&B. With a distinct vision and formula for creativity, Da Enigma is climbing the ladder to the top, and establishing himself at the pinnacle of the game.



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