Dodge Nightfall by STEELOHIM

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Mar 11th, 2013

Culture Vault Recordings is proud to present the new single “Dodge Nightfall”. It’s a indie rock inspired instrumental composed, produced, and arranged by Steelohim pronounced [Stee-low-heem] aka Kinetic NRG of the Golden Era indie hip-hop group The Arsonists. This is the lead off single of the forthcoming instrumental album “Buy Yourself” which is a collection of production dedicated to the late great Trish Keenan of his favorite indie rock band Broadcast. Dodge Nightfall takes you through a murky, dark, and introspective journey through your own imagination; its hard hitting drums serves as a tour guide through the dark lit organs and distorted guitar riffs. Steelohim recommends you close your eyes your first listen and let the music get your imagination going. The concept of this project is to get you to invest in yourself by making music that forces you to think. This is music with a vision.


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