Dreamcatcher – Quills

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Jun 13th, 2013

Quills is the embodiment of lyricism and storytelling. A cross between an “emcee” and a “singer/songwriter”, his skilled delivery, captivating voice, and the vivid imagery conveyed in his songs make up his unique approach to the art form.

Dreamcatcher (produced by highly acclaimed Toronto native Fresh Kils) is an autobiographical portrait of the man behind the music. An introspective ode to a lifelong journey; it is fierce and thought provoking, haunting and beautiful. Avoiding the trend of overproduction, it is stripped of excess; its charm lying in its honesty, its beauty in its implicit simplicity.

Summoning the spirits, Dreamcatcher breathes life to the vision, fueling the rebirth of the ghost you may call Quills…


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