Isaiah Toothtaker + Steel Tipped Dove + Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys

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Jan 22nd, 2013

Machina Muerte co-founder Isaiah Toothtaker links with director Nicolas Heller of Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys to deliver his 1st video of 2013: “numb” production by Steel Tipped Dove.

In “numb” Toothtaker questions whether the cause of his violent actions are induced by drug abuse or vice versa, with lyrics like “Skeletons in the closet but the whole house haunted, know I’m going to Hell might as well act demonic, got brown bottle blues, blacking out now I’m gothic.”
Steel Tipped Dove produces a refreshing soundtrack for Toothtaker flexing the consistent grandeur he’s demonstrated before with Heems, Kool A.D., Antwon & so many others.
Like a story by Tarentino directed by Oliver Stone, Toothtaker’s “numb” comes into full focus by the eye of Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys.
Syrup-soaked visuals, blood thirsty dictums & samples drenched in drums all overflow from “numb.”
Isaiah Toothtaker’s next wave of music will be leaked March 1st & following will be a steady stream of releases & collaborations… one including a collaboration with Maybach Music Group recording artist Gunplay against production by Briefcase amongst other things.


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