Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Hold On (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

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In Music
Apr 7th, 2012

“There aren’t too many Toothy Wavy tracks left, so best strap in and enjoy them while you can. This brand new one is for track “Hold On”, and after a brief swap to production crew Carne & Queso for the “Waffle House” video, the multitalented Isaiah Toothtaker has once again seized the creative reigns, along with design crew HoboStew. This thing is all Nagel all the time, and will take you right back to the bloom of that weird and wild time called the 80s.If the visuals don’t then The Hood Internet‘s sample of Madonna’s “Live To Tell” on the excellent (bodacious? Fresh? Rad? Bitchin’? What slang is from the 80s again…) production. As usual, both Max B and Isaiah bring their unique and novel singing and rapping hybrid approach to the track, making it slap even though Max has to do it through a phone line.


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