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Jul 17th, 2013

Moving straight on from our recent anniversary project, we are back to our scheduled Jazz Jousters project, Upholding Laws. This time around we are complimenting the great works of Hubert Laws, who is known for excelling in various genres with amazing performances on the Flute and other instruments. With over forty years in the music industry, Laws’s archive is so vast that we narrowed it down to only working with his Jazz flute compositions.
All entrants generated their own flair on a Hubert Laws track of their choosing, which resulted in contributions from Rick Mal, Bones The Beat Head, Es-K, Gadget, SmokedBeat, Stay Classy, B 3 N B i, Mr. Moods, and vocal appearances via Es-K featuring Prah, and Gadget featuring Awakening Dawn.
Cover art created by Bones The Beat Head.


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