Moduloktopus – Blunt Sinatra +VIDEO

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Mar 24th, 2013

Moduloktopus once more pushes melodic layers to a spiritual expression in this HipHop/Trap influenced beat and teams up with Michael Gold and Jennifer Bui for the visual art. All in honor of Marshmallow Gun’s Hidden Gems vol.1 compilation.

He takes inspiration from self-lifting harmonies, and captures both the beautiful and the aggressive into one song. The name Blunt Sinatra brings forth an Attitude with Altitude in the direction the music takes. A vivid waterfall of Synth layers, Dutch screams, vibrant voices, and Michael Jackson chants, adds momentum to the powerful presence of the heavy 808. With the help of Michael Gold with Video and Jennifer Bui for Art, the complete package speaks louder than words.

This forms part of Marshmallow Gun’s Hidden Gems vol.1 compilation.
which you can Download for Free


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