MP3: akaFRANK – “The Real Doug-E (Cam Taught Me)”

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Dec 19th, 2012

As akaFRANK continues to build toward the early 2013 release The Boycott, he’s now releasing the latest single from the mixtape, “The Real Doug-E (Cam Taught Me).” With the first two leaks from The Boycott – his “Racist (My Dick Ain’t)” video and his “Awesome Jawsome” single featuring Iamsu!, Jay Ant, and P-Lo – the HBK Gang affiliate has firmly established himself as one of the most fun rappers on the rise, attacking raunchy topics with an air of youthful sense of humor that makes the songs entertaining rather than offensive; FRANK’s music is music for people that like to have a good time, made by a rapper that likes to have a good time.

“The Real Doug-E,” produced by Lambo, and premiered today by VICE’s Noisey music channel, picks up where the previous two singles left off, a fun song, replete with some highly entertaining artwork, inspired by akaFRANK’s love of Cam’ron’s Rico character from the movie Paid In Full. “There’s a scene in the movie where Rico was showing off the porno he made to his friends in a club,” says FRANK, explaining how the clip, and Cam’s hand movements in the scene, reminiscent of Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie” dance, inspired his song. “It’s no disrespect to Cali Swag District,” notes FRANK. “I’m just paying homage to Cam, because he taught us the real ‘Doug-e,” and all my Paid In Full fans know what I’m talking about.”


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