Past the Hour: Mokhov Remix

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Nov 4th, 2011

The soundtrack to a flower opening up and realizing it can think—we are honoured to present the perfect beauty that this collaboration between Mokhov (Earth) and graciellita (Montreal).

The project, with the master production hands of Mokhov, re-imagines graciellita’s groundbreaking ‘Past the Hour EP’ put out on Ground Factory Records. Mokhov constructs a backing track of rich elegant intricacy. His unique and crisp drum patterns actually seem to ride on top of the tracks, as opposed to being buried underneath everything. Subtle melodies and harmonies interplay with graciellita’s voice–a soft-as-silk vocal delicacy that pushes the ep to be more than just relaxing; but truly enriching & therapeutic. With comparisons in vocal style to be made with artists like Tricky and even Bjork, due to her passionate human delivery, graciellita’s angelic lyrics sparkle throughout the entire EP.

Both with busy music careers and prolific output, there will be plenty more to come from these two incredible musicians. For now, if you haven’t heard of them yet, we trust this serves as the perfect introduction to the ethereal symbiotic interplay of Mokhov and graciellita. Please enjoy!


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