Prof Releases Stuntastic Video for “Moron” New Single from KVP3

By admin
In Music
Dec 18th, 2012

The rare irony-laced party track that’s worth playing at a party—and an even rarer dance instructional that actually inspires dancing—”Moron” now has a music video that lives up to all the glory. From Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 (the third mixtape in the Minnesota rapper’s celebrated series that features Yelawolf and Slug), the visuals for “Moron” are a sexy amalgamation of gorgeous women, nostalgia-filled technicolor and mean mugging at its finest. Packed with humor, legitimate punchlines, and killer production from Doomtree’s Lazerbeak, “Moron” is an instant classic with a video worth its salt.

Prof is currently on the road, delivering well rapped presents to kids across the country with Living Legends’ Grouch & Eligh, Mistah FAB and DJ Fresh as part of the infamous How The Grinch Stole Christmas Tour. Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3, released this fall, is available for free download and as a physical purchase.


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