Isaiah Toothtaker’s new mixtape “ILLMATIC 2″

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Mar 3rd, 2013

Someone tell Nas that Isaiah Toothtaker went ahead & just made “ILLMATIC 2″ & handled that for him.

Even if Nas never learns of it, Isaiah Toothtaker has still assembled another unique project to add to his divergent catalog.
The Machina Muerte co-founder assembles some of his most external songs to date over production by Steel Tipped Dove, Mike Gao, Ryan Evans, Bei Ru, Briefcase, etc.
The project’s moody framework is draped in layers of criminology like the necessary style of a bulletproof vest.
Throughout these songs Isaiah is quite able to show his skill as a writer but at times the juggling of wordplay seems an attempt to only shift the blame or avoid his conflict with guilt, maneuvering around serious issues.
Maybe some of the appeal of his dichotomy is how that stream of consciousness overflows.
The depths of Toothtaker’s disturbia in “ILLMATIC 2″ are balanced by appearances from Zackey Force Funk, N8 Nofaceof CRIMEKILLZ, Mestizo, Awkward & Murderfrown who bring the more pleasurable notes of gloom.

“ILLMATIC 2″ is the sequel to the classic. – Alex
“ILLMATIC 2″ is not a Nas album. – Caroline
“ILLMATIC 2″ ???- Everyone

(FACTUAL NOTE: The title “ILLMATIC 2” was just a suggestion some random guy named Mike made in the comment section on Facebok.)

“Nah but for real tho, this mixtape is tite. A rose by any other name is still gonna give you STDs” – Isaiah Toothtaker

This mixtape also serves as the jump off for many other 2013 releases from Toothtaker, one including a collaboration withMaybach Music Group recording artist Gunplay against production by Briefcase.


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