PUSSYFOOT – December 2011: Happy Holidays with photographer Mark Cohen

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Dec 25th, 2011

December Demisangs,

As you scratch and claw your fellow man for that final Furby, Tickle Me Elmo, or Tamagotchi down at the mega-mall, let the latest installment of PUSSYFOOT be your semi-psychotic shopping soundtrack. The December 2011 show features our once-a-year treat: a ‘Community Bulletin Board’ style web layout allowing the naughty (and nice) members of the ‘Foot Faithful to enjoy the show in festive chapter-like bursts.

First up, hungry internet-radio Krampus EDDIE ROUSE feasts on a trio of juicy listener questions–all involving seasonal discord–in a nog-soaked edition of ‘Eddie’s Sagelike Advice’. Next, MYSTI jollily pilots her post-mortem present-filled sleigh with the help of an expatriate whose loss is sending snowy shockwaves through the literary world. And you know there’s no way we’re forgetting ‘The Terrycloth Fog’ BLAKE EVERETT! Pussyfoot’s resident Christmas crooner tears the new Mike Fassbender flick ‘Shame’ a new one–all to the tune of a roasty-toasty Andy Williams classic.

Our keynote guest rounds out 2011 in flashy form. MARK COHEN first burst onto the photography scene in 1973 with a game-changing solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Cohen single-handedly revolutionized street photography via his patented ‘grab shots’–bum-rushing normal, everyday people on the main streets and back alleys of his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. His unusual approach has created an immense, original, and truly important body of work which has garnered him international praise, Guggenheim Fellowships, and countless solo and group exhibitions at the art world’s most prestigious galleries and museums. Pussyfoot was lucky enough to travel to Wilkes-Barre where Cohen still lives and works to discuss his life behind the lens and his two must-have photo books ‘Grim Street’ and ‘True Color’. Grab some milk ‘n cookies and get cozy with this Pussyfoot holiday exclusive…

All that plus MATT and MATT proudly announce 2011’s ‘Song of the Year’ and here’s a hint: you might want to roast this familiar ‘nuTT by the fire. Hmmmmmm……

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Happy Holidaze!


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