Griffin Technology Announces New Fall Collection for iPad

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Oct 13th, 2010

Griffin Technology Inc., makers of innovative solutions for everyday life, today unveiled new accessories for iPad™. The announcement features solutions for a wide array of uses, from the office to the kitchen and everywhere in between: Standle™, AirStrap™, Cabinet Mount, Elan Folio™, and WaveStand™. The entire lineup is now available for purchase at

“Owners of Apple’s iPad are continually finding new uses for it. It really is a ground-breaking device,” said Luke Michas, Director of Product Development, Soft Goods. “They use it walking around the office, lounging at home, viewing recipes in the kitchen, or any number of scenarios. It’s our aim to provide an ever-evolving selection of great designs for all these uses.”

Griffin’s fall collection of accessories for iPad includes:

Standle is more than just another hard-shell case for iPad. It incorporates a stand for portrait and landscape viewing, a carrying handle, and a typing stand, all in one fold-away protective case. The large portrait stand swings out to position your iPad for perfect presentations or portrait viewing, then swings back into the case when you’re done. Flip open the two-position landscape stand/handle to carry your iPad, then fold it back to create a stand for viewing in landscape orientation. Lay your iPad back from this position into a gentle incline that’s great for tabletop or desktop typing and surfing. When you’re done, the stand/handle folds back into the body of the case. Clever design allows docking with Apple’s iPad Dock and Keyboard Dock without removing your iPad from the case, and strategically-placed cutouts provide access to all ports and controls.

AirStrap is a case with a built-in safety strap for comfortable one-handed use of your iPad. A molded frame with thick, comfortable, contoured grips surrounds your iPad, protecting the edges without getting in the way. Slip your hand under the wide neoprene strap on the back. AirStrap hugs your hand, making your iPad easy to hold while you’re reading in a coffee shop, checking the headlines as you ride the morning train, or while walking around the house or office.

Cabinet Mount
Whether you are working in the kitchen, the garage, a workroom, wherever you use your iPad, Griffin’s Cabinet Mount holds your iPad for you at a comfortable height for your eyes and hands. Our Cabinet Mount lifts your iPad out of harm’s way and positions it for you at the best viewing angle. Attach Cabinet Mount to the side or underside of any cabinet 14 inches or deeper. All the necessary hardware and mounting instructions are included. Snap your iPad securely into Cabinet Mount’s bracket. The mounting arm rotates 360 degrees around and 90 degrees front to back, so you can position your iPad perfectly for any viewing angle. Griffin’s new Cabinet Mount is a safe, secure way to view and use your iPad almost anywhere around the house.

Elan Folio
Carry your iPad in Griffin’s Elan Folio flipcase like a personal notebook. The cover flips open for quick access to your Multi-Touch™ display, and closes like a book for privacy and protection. But Elan Folio doesn’t stop working when you stop carrying it. Flip the cover around and lock it in back to turn the folio into a multi-positionable easel. Elan Folio holds your iPad upright in landscape position for reading and for viewing pictures and video. For drawing, tapping, and typing, turn it over and lay it down for a comfortable, inclined orientation. Elan Folio frames your Multi-Touch display in the same black synthetic leather as the cover, with cutouts for ports and controls. Easy to carry and keep clean, Elan Folio is the perfect carrying case and stand solution for iPad.

Whether for viewing videos or photos or eBooks, or for surfing and typing at a comfortable angle, our WaveStand is made with iPad and other tablet devices in mind. WaveStand’s non-slip grippy surfaces hold your tablet securely upright in portrait or landscape position; an adjustable base slides out for extra support when needed. For typing and other input, incline your tablet at just the right wrist-pleasing angle. No matter where you use your iPad, WaveStand is small and light enough to take with you and use anywhere.

Pricing and Availability
Griffin’s new fall lineup of accessories for iPad is now available, and at major retailers nationwide.


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